Holiday Project

Dear parents,

I know you will be busy enjoying your children over the holidays, but I have been inspired by a video. Have a look and hopefully you will be too!

After showing the video this was the class discussion:

Ms. McIntosh: What was that video about?

Aleena: they tried to make worthless things useful.

Norah: Totally amazing! Just amazing. I don’t know if I could make things so complex.

Everyone: I couldn’t.

Medo: Maybe if we had a book to tell us how to do it.

Alek: I made a sled out of trash.

Norah: I made a DS folder from Trash. I used a tissue box.

Michelle: I’m speechless. It’s amazing!

Ms. McIntosh: I think you could make an instrument out of recycled things.

Norah: You could make a guitar out of a tissue box and rubber bands.

Michelle: I made a guitar before.

Aydin: How do you make a guitar?

Aidyn: I wonder if you could.

Alek: I’m not sure, but I think you could.

Medo: It would be easy to make drums. You could use chop sticks, or just play chopsticks.

Norah: You know what would be really easy, you could play the bottle.

So they students are being asked to bring in an instrument to play made of recycled items. Please do not buy anything special. They are being challenged to think creatively. Could you take pictures and send them to me of the process?

We are all very excited about this!


Fort Langley: Update

A reminder that Wednesday we will be going to Fort Langley. Please email me in the morning if your child is sick so we are not waiting for them. We will be leaving at 8:40 so please be at school promptly at 8:35.

The three drivers are: Kevin Gillen, Aruna Khan and Freddie Ali. Thank you for volunteering your time.

Drivers Needed: Fort Langley

Please email me if you are free next Wednesday, December 19th to drive on our field trip to Fort Langley. Please note that parents that could not come on the last field trip will be given first priority to drive. We will be leaving at 8:40. If your child is going to be away on the day it is important you call or email the school so we can arrive at Fort Langley in time for the program.

Upcoming Field Trip: Fort Langley

Date: Wednesday, December 19th

Time: 8:45 am-1:45 pm

Where:Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada

First Nations Program

Discover Aboriginal tool technology while making noise with a “rock concert”.

Shape a stone tool, listen to legends and discover uses of edible plants. Investigate Aboriginal uses of the site over time through a simulated archaeological dig. Explore the relationship between the First Nations, HBC employees and the environment.

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

Tomorrow, December 4th, is parent teacher conferences. As it is now, this is the schedule. If you see an open time you can email me to sign up.

8:00-8:30 Diana and Alex Hristov

8:30-9:00 Kevin Gillen

9:00-9:30 Fred and Fabina Ali

9:30-10:00 Kevin and Lori Larsen

10:00-10:30 Dana and Cory Bailey

12:30-1:00 Teresa and James Oh

1:00-1:30 Aruna Khan

We can arrange another day if this doesn’t work for you.