Camping Trip Registration Due Thursday

Please note that this year the camp is being held May 15, 16 and 17. Save your family’s spot and register by this Thursday.


Spring break homework update

I wanted to let you all know I decided against sending the novel home. There are some themes within the novel that deserve extra attention and support. I hope to use this novel to help us discuss friendship over the next few months. If you are curious, the novel if “Freak the Mighty”. It is an easy text but some serious themes are discussed. Ultimately, I believe these are relevant and important themes to the class.

Enjoy the break. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns over the break.

Electronics Reminder

A reminder that tomorrow from 1-2 our class is doing a fundraiser for Run for Water. In exchange for a $2 donation, students will participate in collaborative electronics time. They will be allowed to bring in one electronic to use to share with other students during this period. Students will hand electronics to be at 9 and will only have access to them for 1 hour.


Spring Break homework

So on the count down to Spring Break, I wanted to just let you all know that there will be some homework over the break (students already know about this).

1) memorize French lines (read once a day)
2) independent novel study… the book is designed to be read over 9 days. Your child should read 2 chapters and answer 2-5 comprehension questions daily.
3) weather journal. Using only words and picture your child will need to depict the weather for their choice of 10 days over the break.

I know many of you are going on vacation but the novel can be read aloud together or for quiet time.

The novel I want to use is a great story about friendships and diversity. I think it will be a great opportunity for the class to look at relationships in a new way. It is an emotional story so I do encourage you to talk with your child about what ideas the novel brings up. My hope is that we come back from the break ready to talk about the big ideas brought up by the text. Each response sections has a short summary at the beginning to help you with a discussion.

Please come to me with concerns or questions about this.

Tuesday and Wednesday Important Info

Tuesday is student led conferences. Please ensure you bring your child to the classroom at the time you signed up for. Students need to bring recorders and should wear formal uniforms.

Wednesday is the VSO field trip. We will leave at 10:20 and return at 2:00. Ken and James will be on the bus with our class. Please ensure your child brings a lunch that is not messy and can be easily eaten on the bus. Students need to wear formal uniform as well.