Multiplication Celebration

Tuesday, October 30th is right around the corner. Please make sure students are practicing their times tables this weekend. A few websites that may be helpful are:

Students will be sent home with a two-week trial password and login for Mathletics. Please ensure they are taking advantage of this.


Next week filming


Thank you for your continued support with our media project. I am feeling very stretched with the two groups and I am making a request for volunteers. The two days I need assistance are Monday (9:00-9:45) and Tuesday (8:45-9:45). We may need additional assistance after this, but my hope is that we can complete the filming on Tuesday.

Please email if you can lend a hand .

Quiet on the set…

Dearest parents,

I’m sure you all know what an exciting and stressful week this has been working on our commercials.
I can’t wait for you all to see what a great job the kids are doing when the projects are all put together. They should all be very proud of the hard work and dedication they have put into this media project. They are also learning a lot about group dynamics and leadership.

I have attached the waiver forms in case students need extra copies (2012 Media Release- Student and 2012 Media Release-Adult). Please email if you have any concerns or questions regarding this project.

Have a great long weekend!

See you all Monday! I am really looking forward to my seminars tomorrow and possibly Saturday.

Please make sure that students are practice multiplication tables and spelling words.

Math homework is a separate sheet, so don’t be fooled by no math books.

Students should also be thinking about what steps they need to take next week to complete their commercials. I will bring in my camera and the school has a camera. Students do not need to bring camera into school. If they are doing any shooting outside school they will need to use a personal camera. Producers should be organizing when they will be shooting what scenes. If there is concern or questions, please email me, or come to discuss this with me Monday after school.