Opening circle tomorrow

Dearest parents,

Tomorrow in opening circle we will be presenting our Green Town song. If you have time and wish to see what the students have created, it is a nice way for us to celebrate our project.

Also a reminder that we will have a pizza party tomorrow. Your child will receive 2 slices of pizza. Keep this in mind when preparing their snack and drink.

Kind regards,

Ms. McIntosh


School Supplies

Starting this week I will be sending home school supplies. Please empty the bin and return it so we can ensure a smooth transition. If there is any concern about supplies being sent home, please speak to me and we’ll make special arrangements.
As of now, I plan to send unused materials on Wednesday and anything that will not be needed the last week on this Friday.

Camping Important Notes!

Good morning everyone,

We leave for camp tomorrow morning. Please note the following things are they are crucial for a positive camp experience.

1) Please be at school to check in at 8:30
2) Bring a bagged lunch
3) Use the packing list that was attached to the registration package
4) Remember a sleeping bag, pillow and rain coat (although it is going to be beautiful sunshine)
5) an extra pair of shoes will come in handy

See you all tomorrow morning!

Ms. McIntosh

Opening Circle Presentation Update

I have told the students that they can talk about one aspect of Green Town for their presentation.

Here is the updated OC presentation schedule

May 22 Aleena, A.K.
May 24 Lexie, Michelle
May 27 Alek, Paige
June 3 Medo, Anneka
June 10 Norah, A.W.

Must include:
a presentation
partner talk
group discussion

Ask yourselves…
What do you think we should be talking about in opening circle?
How can you present it in an interesting and dynamic way?
story, play, youtube, game, share something

The presentation should be focused on the student profile.

Balcarra is on!

Thank you to the parents that have volunteered to drive. We will be going to Balcarra on Wednesday.
Please have your child wear gum boots and PE uniform on Wednesday. We will be staying at the park for lunch, so please pack a lunch that does not require heating.

Thank you,
Ms. McIntosh

Town charter talks

Dearest parents,

Please do not be alarmed if your child is talking constitutions and bills of rights. We are writing a charter for Green Town and have been looking at different countries charters.

If you haven’t yet, go to the voice-thread to see the whole project.

Green Town (17 pages)

Click the link above to view and participate in the VoiceThread. Making comments is really simple and you can delete and re-record as many times as you like.

If you are viewing this on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and you have the VoiceThread app installed, tap here to view this VoiceThread on your device.




Green Town

The Grade 4s are very excited about exploring Green Town. This student inspired project will be based around a town that the students began exploring at DPA today.



We will continue this project tomorrow as we build on the idea of the city. Please encourage your child to use their imagination as we create this place.