Conference Schedule:Tuesday

Please email me to sign up if you are not on this list

9-9:30 Gowards, Hristovs, Gillens, Larsens
9:30-10 Ohs, Weigelts
10-10:30 Alis, Baileys
10:30-11 Khans

I am able to accommodate up to 4 families per slot. If you wish to switch times, please let me know.


Science Fair: Tomorrow Afternoon

Dearest parents,

All the hard work comes together tomorrow. The grade 4 students are so excited to share their Science Fair with the school tomorrow. Please make sure they bring in any models they have tomorrow. Parents are invited to view the displays from 2:30-3. We will be in the opening circle room.

Science Fair: The last efforts

You’re work at home should be done after this weekend. Please email me or send your child with their typed good copies of student fair work on Monday. They should also have images to go on their board. This may be sent home to have correction complete before Thursday when we are assembling our boards.

Thank you all for all the hard work and extra time out side of school that has gone into completing this project.