Fort Langley: A Blast from the Past

What a great field trip today! Big thank you to Freddie, Ken and Kevin for driving149


Fort Langley: Tomorrow!!!!

This is an important reminder to parents. Please note that our field trip is tomorrow.

1) Students and parent drivers must be at school at 8:35

2) Students must wear formal uniform including navy or black coat

3) Students must wear appropriate footwear for the weather

4) Lunch should not include items that need a microwave as I can not guarantee we will have access to one at Fort Langley.

The car groups are as follows:

Ken: Anneka, Lexie, Michelle

Kevin: Norah, Alek, Paige

Freddie: Aleena, Aydin, Aidyn

I predict we will be back at UA for 2:00.

Experimenting with Light

We starting exploring light today. Students each had a chance to experiment with the light and the shadow. Since we experimented over snack, some students decided to see how the light reacts to their snacks. What do you think the snacks were in some of these pictures?
WP_001087 WP_001083 WP_001089 WP_001093

French Students’ Parent Survival Night

Do you wish you could help your child progress in their language acquisition? Do you struggle helping your child with French homework?
On Monday, January 28th for 6:45-8:30 pm there is a The French Students’ Parent Survival Night at Ecole Herbert Spencer School Library. The event costs $5. If you are interested, please RSVP to Cheryl Greenhalgh at by Thursday, January 24th.
The event will include guest speakers, free resources, refreshments, free child-minding (please note if needed in RSVP)and a book sale.

I will not be able to attend this because I have art class Monday night. I will sponsor (pay for) one of you that be willing to volunteer to go? Please let me know if you are interested.